PR is about communicating your message effectively through the media, so at Penguin PR we will take whatever you want to say and make it a story worth telling.

This might be in the form of a press release, an exclusive interview or a press conference – we can turn our hand to all three.

We also brief journalists on your behalf, set up site visits, organise events and, because PR without good photos is like eggs without bacon, brief photographers to take the best, most eye-catching, shot. 

We'll handle media inquiries and requests for interviews for you or even let you in on our secrets via media training, to ensure that you're fully prepared to face any journalist's questions.

We can also turn our writing talents to your marketing campaigns, whether it’s brochure or promotional magazine copy, websites, e-shots or adverts.

And don't forget that the internet has blown the PR world wide open.

We can write blogs for your website, provide content for your news pages and give you a voice in the all-important realm of social media, be it through Twitter, Facebook or whatever comes along as the next best thing. 

 Although the channels have changed, PR remains the same. It's still about building and protecting your reputation, spreading your message and helping you to become a renowned expert in your field.

We provide full service PR support in Derby Nottingham and across the East Midlands - whether online or offline – reaching your audience where they are most active and likely to engage with your brand.



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