PR Agency Derby

We only write content that we believe others will want to read, publish or share and we pride ourselves on being traditional storytellers at the very sharp end of the digital world.

Whether digital or in print, content always needs to be fresh and engaging. Simply having a presence on social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook is never enough. Social media will only be successful if you are active, responsive and engaging in all of your activity. 

And while it’s simple to do social media, it's incredibly difficult to do it well and even harder to do it consistently. 

This is where Penguin PR comes in. We advise our clients on the most appropriate channel for you and your business, create your accounts and manage them, taking out the effort of constantly updating your presence and leaving you to concentrate on running your business.

We’ll devise a social media strategy to fit with the rest of your marketing communications – planning your posts and monitoring your mentions to create an online profile that makes a difference. As well as broadcasting your own important announcements, it’s vital for you to be responsive to newsworthy events in your location and sector and to engage and interact with your followers online. Our social media management solutions takes care of all your day-to-day account management with interesting and engaging updates for your audience, as well as keeping an ear to the ground for what people are saying about you. 
Social media is big business, and should be big for your business too. Twitter has more than 140 million users, Facebook has hit the 1 billion mark and then there’s LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram to consider. The list really is endless and so are the numbers of potential customers in the big, wide world of social media. 
So whether you want to target a specific audience, launch a particular product or service, or simply increase sales, social media integrated into a PR campaign is a truly effective way to achieve this.