Europe's longest-running science festival at University of Warwick set to attract 15,000 people - and Lubrizol are key sponsors

A company whose products are used in countless everyday objects including cosmetics, mobile phones, trainers and oil and fuel in vehicles is making its debut as a key sponsor of the forthcoming British Science Festival next week.

Staff at Lubrizol with a 3D model of an engine, which will form part of its display when the company appears at the British Science Festival next week. Penguin PR: public relations, media and communications

Lubrizol UK Ltd, whose UK headquarters are in Hazelwood, Derbyshire, will have a strong presence at the event, which will aim to inspire school students to explore a career in science when it takes place at the University of Warwick from September 10 to 13.

Lubrizol UK Ltd is part of the wider Lubrizol Corporation, a Berkshire Hathaway Company which develops and manufactures coatings and additives for a wide range of industries including transportation, industrial, printing, textiles, emerging technology and cosmetics, while it develops additives and performance polymers for the automotive, fuel and industrial industries at its UK base, which employs 380 people.

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It will showcase and represent this work at the British Science Festival, where its exhibition stand will feature specially commissioned oversized models of a shoe and a shampoo bottle, as well as an interactive motor engine which comes to life when viewed on the screen of a handheld tablet using augmented reality.

It will also station 12 containers full of giveaway gadgets, which are all related to its work and its products, around the exhibition space.

Simon Evans, regional OEM Manager at Lubrizol, said that the appearance and sponsorship of the festival is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to working with young people through company-wide activity such as its STEM programme.

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He said: “This is the first time that Lubrizol has been involved in an event of this size and magnitude and we are really looking forward to taking part. Although our name isn’t widely known, our products are used in virtually every everyday object you can think of.

“Our formulations make sure that ink and paint stay liquid, our coatings protect kitchen worktops and mobile phone screens and our oil and fuel additives ensure that people’s car engines run smoothly and efficiently.

“Our message for the festival is to show how science, like our products, is present all around us and that there is a huge variety of exciting careers available in the scientific sector, many of which aren’t laboratory-based.”

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Team members will also be attending, supporting and running a series of events, including a fun science-themed student night at the Botanist Bar in Coventry.

It will also be operating one of the activity spaces at a family fun day, which takes place on the Saturday straight after the festival, a STEM in Education event and a Women in Technology talk, which is being given by the science journalist Angela Saini.

Another member of Lubrizol’s team, Trish Standen, who is a technology manager in driveline additives, will also attend the event and is looking forward to inspiring young people to take a wider view when it comes to STEM subjects.

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She said: “So many young people, especially girls, drop science and maths at an early age because they don’t realise the exciting opportunities that they can lead to.

“My role concerns formulating lubricants for tractor engines in countries around the world, which is not something I ever saw myself working in, but which is enjoyable because it essentially involves problem-solving. It’s also about seeing the bigger picture.

“Having a smooth-running tractor can make a huge difference to the livelihood of a farmer living in India, so the work I do in the UK has a direct effect on people’s lives thousands of miles away, which is something I find really exciting.”

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