In defence of the common wasp - BASIS Prompt register CEO replies to newspaper letter

How refreshing it was to read Michael Ganly’s enlightened attitude to wasps in your letters page recently.

Stephen Jacobs at BASIS Prompt defended wasps in the Derby Telegraph. Penguin PR: public relations, media and communications in the East Midlands

I am the CEO of the BASIS PROMPT register, which is based in Ashbourne and represents more than 5,000 pest controllers across the UK, and they are receiving a record amount of calls asking them to deal with wasps in homes and workplaces all over the country.

However, although wasps have a bad reputation as a scary pest, our members understand that their role is not to eradicate them but to remove their nests in order that they will build a new colony in a more suitable location. Wasps, like any other living creature, have an important role to play in the local ecosystem – their problem is that sometimes they go about their business in places where they are unwelcome!

Wasps, like other animals commonly considered to be pests, are a fact of life, which is why our organisation’s mission statement concerns pest management rather than pest control.

As a result, it helps if people know more about wasps and their behaviour, so that they can take preventative measures in order to reduce the likelihood of being stung or intimidated by a wasp which is only doing what nature intended.

Anyone who needs any advice about wasps and how you can prevent them becoming a nuisance should contact their nearest PROMPT-registered pest controller, who will be able to assist them.


Stephen Jacobs

Chief Executive Officer



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