Derbyshire-based Lubrizol shows its support for parish council’s safe driving message

Hazelwood company Lubrizol has backed a local safety campaign designed to encourage drivers to slow down by erecting two signs at the end of its drive.

The company has joined forces with Hazelwood Parish Council as part of its Quiet Lanes initiative in a bid to reduce the speed of vehicles using Nether Lane, which runs outside its front gate.

Left, Simon Griffiths, general manager of Lubrizol Hazelwood, and Judy Harris from Hazelwood Parish Council, with the Quiet Lane signs, which have been erected at the entrance to the firm’s site in Nether Lane. Penguin PR: public relations, media and communications

The steep 1-in-12-gradient road is a popular route for walkers, cyclists, horse-riders and farm vehicles, but is also a popular short-cut for motorists, many of whom see its peaceful, rural location as an invitation for them to put their foot down.

In response, the parish council has successfully obtained permission from Derbyshire County Council to get the lane, as well as other roads in Hazelwood, designated as a Quiet Lane, which calls on drivers to observe a 30mph voluntary speed limit.

Lubrizol has agreed to encourage its staff and suppliers to observe the limit and has sealed its agreement by installing the signs.

Simon Griffiths, general manager of Lubrizol Hazelwood, said: “We are delighted to assist the parish council with its Quiet Lanes project by installing the new signs.

“Nether Lane is narrow, has a humped back bridge, two sharp bends and numerous driveway entrances, so there is great potential for accidents if drivers travel too fast along it.

“We all have a responsibility to ensure that all the users of Nether Lane stay safe, which is why we agreed to support the scheme.”

Quiet Lanes were introduced under the Transport Act 2000 following a campaign from the Campaign for Rural England, which wanted to give local authorities the power to designate minor rural roads accordingly in order to protect the needs of walkers, cyclists and horse riders by reduce the problems caused by the volume or speed of traffic.

Chris Winfield, deputy chairman of Hazelwood Parish Council, said: “We’re absolutely thrilled that Lubrizol are supporting us in our Quiet Lanes initiative as we seek to ensure that the roads in Hazelwood are safe for all types of road-user.

“We applied for Quiet Lane status for a number of roads in the village in response to calls from residents for traffic calming measures that weren’t intrusive.

“The community are fully behind the scheme and, as a local resident itself, Lubrizol’s staff and visitors will benefit from the extra safety that it will bring.”


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