Today almost every purchase or decision begins with plenty of online research. If your website content is engaging and well written, the potential to win new customers is unlimited.

Unfortunately, the potential to put people off and lose their interest can be just as dramatic. Websites require crisp and concise copy because you have just three seconds to engage a visitor otherwise, clickety-click, they have gone. The internet and social media has allowed companies and brands to talk directly to their audience and our background as writers means we can help you become your own publisher.

We will tell your story by creating quality content and conversation that really engages your audience, with the added benefit of pleasing Google and the other search engines. 

Whether you want online copy, a regular blog or a social media campaign we can use strategies to attract the right audience and generate content that's right for your brand. Or working with our expert partner agencies, we can refresh, update, or totally rebuild websites

Nobody likes to be sold to directly. We all know that banner ads can be annoying and television commercials get most of us reaching for the remote control. Our minds switch off if we think any approach is ‘hard sell’.  All this means that cleverly written content is more important than ever.