Public Relations Derby, Nottingham, Leicester and the Midlands

“As former journalists Penguin PR has an excellent understanding of the media and produces sparkling copy and professional quality photographs. Simon and Sarah are extremely creative and provide engaging news stories that incorporate our sales messages and consistently secure excellent coverage. They demonstrate a flair for writing and quickly acquired knowledge of our brand and its marketplace. I would be very happy to recommend them to any business looking to raise its profile in the media.”

Chris Neve joint managing director, Radleigh Homes

“Penguin PR helped launch Cosmo restaurant onto the Derby dining scene by organising an outstanding opening campaign. We have been working with them ever since and they ensure that while the city’s restaurant scene is rapidly expanding, Cosmo is still the name on everybody’s lips. Our group is ever growing and Penguin PR has been responsible for organising the opening campaigns of restaurants in Glasgow, Sheffield, York and Nottingham. They grasp business and brand concepts very quickly and convert them into professional, reader-friendly stories. We would highly recommend them.”

Kan Koo, operations director, Cosmo Restaurant Group

Public Relations Derby, Nottingham, Leicester and the Midlands

PR- Public Relations Staffordshire and the Midlands

“What a surprise we had last Friday night! Relaxing and watching ‘Have I Got News For You’ on TV and suddenly they said ‘Eau de Burton’ and a picture of me with our Blue Box fragrance bottles appeared on screen. The press coverage of Eau de Burton was amazing, with stories in countless national newspapers, and orders rolled in from across the UK. We actually sold out of both Pour Femme and Pour Homme within a couple of weeks. I have to say a massive thank you to Sarah and Simon at Penguin PR who were the creators of the Eau de Burton concept.”

Victoria Brookes
Eau de Burton and Blue Box

PR - Public Relations and Communications Derby, Nottingham, Leicester and the Midlands

“We have had very positive stories in the media on a regular basis, at least once a month and often more frequently, as well as strong exposure on local radio and television. We would never have achieved this without Penguin PR and the profile of the school and awareness of our ethos has never been higher.”

Mark Cottingham principal, Shirebrook Academy

PR - Public Relations and Communications Derby

“Penguin PR has produced press releases, PR campaigns, website copy and blog posts for Shottle Hall since 2010. They have also written and edited two editions of our in-house magazine and we were thrilled with the finished product. Sarah has always been professional and approachable, offering creative ideas and solutions throughout the whole process. We would not hesitate to recommend Penguin PR and will definitely be using their services in the future.”

Sarah Davis, wedding and events director, Shottle Hall

Public Relations Derby, Nottingham, Leicester and the Midlands

“We have been working with Penguin PR for a substantial number of years and have built a strong and intelligent relationship that has benefitted the school immensely. Not only have pupil numbers increased, in partnership we have celebrated the achievements of our students, giving them lots of positive affirmation. We have also celebrated our whole school successes and challenged the poor opinion some people have had of the school.  We would never have been able to achieve this on our own. 

“Penguin PR has also been advocates during those rare moments when things have not gone to plan, when the media can be a difficult animal to manage and navigate. The team has supported the school and used their expertise to respond to the media in a positive manner - without offending - whilst strongly putting forward the school’s view and opinion.  

“The team, and Sarah especially, have always been proactive in chasing down the story, planning in advance, supporting the staff in getting to the heart of the story without the teacher being burdened with additional work.  This strategic work covers all eventualities and never lets an opportunity to celebrate be missed.

“In the time we have been linked we have managed staff matters, a primary opening, a television documentary with an audience of more than 2 million people, queries into the diverse nature our intake, in addition to the day-to-day matters a school works with.  I can say hand on heart that they have done some sterling work.

“I would very strongly recommend Penguin PR to any school as an interface between it and the media.  They will raise the profile of your school and present opportunities you would never believe existed.”

Neil Wilkinson, executive head teacher, The Bemrose School

"I would love to pass on my HUGE thanks to Penguin PR. Quite simply, Simon is a master of press releases! Both press releases he has written for me have resulted in local and national media coverage. One resulted in a local newspaper story and radio interview, together with a regional BBC news feature all in the same week! As a result, the positive reputation of my brand has increased and I have made many new valuable sales and industry connections.

"As a very small, start-up company, Penguin PR genuinely respected my position, both in terms of finance and being a complete business novice! Simon has guided me and helped all he can within my budget limitations. He knows just who to contact and how! It is always a real pleasure to feedback my success stories as I sincerely feel he understands my business and too wishes it to succeed. Many thanks again." 
                                                                                   Lorna Taylor chartered paediatric physiotherapist and MD of Jolly Back Enterprises

“We have been working with Penguin PR for a year now and we are thrilled with the professionally written copy that Simon composes for us. He often turns a very basic story into a really interesting article or case study with great insights. Simon has many good ideas about PR and marketing and goes above and beyond the call of duty to make recommendations. He really encourages us to get the most out of PR. Penguin PR were just what Spaciotempo UK needed.”

Katie Soutar, sales and marketing co-ordinator for Spaciotempo UK