PR Agency Derby Midlands

Alongside health, crime and local councils, education is a major topic of interest to local media looking for news to reflect what’s happening in the communities they serve.

This means that for schools looking to raise their profile in order to attract pupils, a PR campaign exploiting such a keen interest in their industry is an extremely cost-effective way to get their name known and an essential ingredient of their marketing mix.

We have represented a number of schools for five years and the media coverage we have received on their behalf far outweighs that enjoyed by any of our clients when it comes to return on investment, thanks to specialised campaigns highlighting school initiatives, pupil attainment and achievement, successful Ofsted visits and record-breaking GCSE results.

All of our schools appear prominently in their local media once or twice a month and as a result all have reported a positive effect on their reputations, an increase in the numbers of prospective pupils attending their open days and increased student numbers since starting their campaigns.

What is more, the campaigns have added significantly to the morale of staff and pupils alike. There is nothing better than seeing a pupil’s efforts recognised by their local paper or giving them the opportunity to voice their opinions on a regional, or national, radio station.

In other cases, we give the head teachers a platform to raise their school’s profile via a monthly newspaper opinion column.